BBCF – Analysis of Awards 2014-2019

BBCF – Analysis of Awards 2020

To date, the Berry Burn Community Fund has awarded a total of £ 1,928,370 as follows (starting with the most recent awards):

Round 30 – February 2024

Funding Awarded: £112,269.90

Cromdale Village Hall £20,356.00 for the insulation of the Hall extension (kitchen, store and meeting room)

Roseisle Hall £18,261.60 for the refurbishment of the kitchen

Grantown YMCA Community Centre (SCIO) £17,762.40 to facilitate a comprehensive fire risk assessment and make critical enhancements to comply with fire safety regulations

Moray Rape Crisis £12,365.00 to increase the frontline outreach support in Forres for survivors of sexual violence 

Forres Events Ltd £10,000.00 towards the cost of the marquees for the Grant Park 100 event in Forres

Step by Step in Moray £8,600.00 for the continuation of family support services in Forres

Findhorn Bay Arts £7,500.00 towards the costs of the 5th Findhorn Bay Festival, specifically local community hall/venue hire and accommodation for visiting artists

Ewen Watson £5,848.90 to produce an animated timeline of Forres

Fiona’s Wholefoods & Refills £5,000.00 to fund the development of a sustainable Community Hub at Fiona’s Wholefoods & Refills

Speyside Children’s Arts Festival £4,000.00 to create the Hello, Summer! 2024 – Speyside Family Arts Festival                                

Grantown Society £1,576.00 towards the costs of the Fiddler of Strathspey Festival 2024

Eve Newlands £1,000.00 towards the cost of a dental elective in Capiz, Philippines

Round 29 – October 2023

Funding Awarded: £78,650.75

Rothes Tennis Club 2021 £25,000.00 for the replacement of three existing tennis courts and the addition of a fourth to meet demand

Moray Hydrotherapy Pool Ltd £18,660.75 to replace two heating boilers and carry out essential improvements in the boiler room

Sanquhar Dam Restoration Group £15,400.00 to dredge the pond – desilting, and clearing water-based plants – and install silt barriers

Forres Area Community Trust £5,840.00 to engage a Heritage Project Consultant to devise a phased plan for the Forres Town Hall refurbishment works and apply to the appropriate funding bodies

Speyside Community Car Sharing Scheme £5,000.00 towards running costs (volunteer expenses) to continue the provision of a voluntary transport service

Rafford Village Public Hall £4,000.00 to continue the Parent, Baby and Toddler Group for the next two years

Let’s All Talk North East Mums (LATNEM) £3,650.00 to launch quarterly mental health peer support meetings in Forres

Rothes Community Limited £1,100.00 to upgrade the computer equipment used to design and produce various publications and other printed material

Round 29a – July 2023

Funding Awarded: £3,353.00

Grantown YMCA Community Centre £3,353.00 for essential work needed to fulfil first level fire safety requirements

Round 28 – June 2023

Funding Awarded: £82,084.08

Naturally Useful C.I.C.  £20,000.00 for creation of outdoor classroom and all abilities path access

Dallas Miniature Rifle Club  £15,720.00 to fit new electronic targets

Roseisle Hall  £10,923.00.00 to create accessible terrace on south facing elevation of hall and upgrade footpath from car park to hall

Moray School Bank  £10,000.00 to provide school uniforms for children living in poverty in BBCF area

Findhorn Village Conservation Company  £10,000.00 to replace the beach steps which provide access across the sea defences on to Findhorn Beach

Pride in Moray  £5,941.08 for staging, sound and light for annual Pride event on 2nd September 2023 in Grant Park, Forres

1st Grantown on Spey Guides  £4,000.00 for transport & tickets for Grantown Guides and Young Leaders to attend Girl guiding UK’s Wellies and Wristbands Festival 2023

Findhorn Village Heritage  £3,500.00 for restoration of disability access floor in Findhorn Icehouse

Fraser Tulloch  £2,000.00 towards travel costs to enable son to play for Aberdeen Football Club elite U11 team

Round 27 – February 2023

Funding Awarded: £64,285.64

Grantown Initiative  £20,000.00 for refurbishment of Burnfield Public Toilets in Grantown on Spey

Moray Firth Credit Union  £10,000.00 towards purchase of new Computer System to replace outdated system

Grantown YMCA Community Centre  £8,248.80 for installation of LED lighting and energy efficient infra-red heaters in Grantown Community Centre

Strathspey Works – Grantown Remakery  £7,500.00 to install an Air Source Heat Pump heating system in workshop

Logie Primary School Parent Council  £4,600.00 to purchase weatherproof storage container for gym and sports equipment

Strathspey Rovers Junior Football Club  £3,604.84 for scout hut storage facility improvement         

Adam Howarth  £2,432.00 for purchase of a replacement game fridge to continue providing locally sourced food to the community free of charge

Forres Skate Park Initiative  £2,400.00 Funding for Project Management of pre- project management including preparation and brief, tendering, and design of park

Strathspey Camanachd  £2,000.00 towards funding the cost of pitch lettings and use of changing rooms for match days and pitch lettings for training sessions in 2023

Grantown Try-Tri  £2,000.00 to fund the hire of a race timing system, produce sustainable
medals and assist with pool/venue hire for 2023 Triathlon

The Grantown Society £1,500.00 towards funding the Fiddler of Strathspey Festival 2023

Round 26 – October 2022

Funding Awarded: £95,690.32

Forres Area Community Trust  £35,146.72 for various surveys required for the redevelopment of Forres Town Hall.

Forres Mechanics Football Club  £30,000.00 towards replacement floodlights for football pitch to meet current football authority requirements.

Moray Firth Credit Union  £11,125.00 to employ staff to manage and continue vital services provided.

Wild Things!  £10,000.00 towards additional accessible minibus to enable expansion of capacity to meet the growing demand for health and well-being services.

Moravian Orienteering Club  £5,275.00 to produce five new orienteering maps for the BBCF area.

Grantown Initiative  £3,033.60 for festive lights replacements/upgrade.

Isobel Howard  £1,110.00 to attend Junior World Orienteering Championships in November 2022 and British Squad training and selection races/international competitions 2023.

Round 25 – June 2022

Funding Awarded: £107,636.77

Forres Community Council & Forres Community Sports Hub  £45,000.00 to develop an outdoor gym on Forres Academy Campus.

Forres Heritage Trust Limited  £30,000.00 for illumination of The Tolbooth, Mercat Cross & Nelson’s Tower.

Moray School Bank  £15,000.00 to provide school uniforms for children living in poverty in BBCF area.

Findhorn Bay Arts Ltd  £10,000.00 towards venue hire and marketing costs for Findhorn Bay Festival 2022.

Grantown on Spey Parkrun Development Group  £2,000.00 to set up a Parkrun in Grantown on Spey to encourage healthy living by improving physical and mental health.

Friends of Craigellachie Bridge  £1,917.97 to purchase grass cutting and other equipment for maintenance around Craigellachie Bridge.

Film Forres  £1,868.80 for Film Forres Community Mobile Cinema.

Friends of the Falconer Museum  £1,850.00 to produce and publish an Anthology of Essays about the Life and Work of Hugh Falconer.

Round 24 – February 2022

Funding Awarded: £58,595.25

Fornighty Hall  £30,000.00 towards refurbishment and modernisation of Fornighty Hall to comply with Health and Safety regulations

Forres Friends of Woods & Fields  £7,724.55 for purchase, professional construction and fitting out of a polytunnel

Forres Community Woodlands Trust  £7,026.00 for control and eradication of non-native invasive species in Sanquhar woodlands

Advie Hall & Children’s Fund  £2,434.00 towards cost of replacement boiler for Advie Hall

Forres Area Soccer 7s  £4,000.00 towards children’s flights for Football Trip to Vienenburg, Germany

Forres & District Pipe Band  £3,625.00 towards travel costs to represent Forres at the 1100th Anniversary of Forres twin town of Golsar, Vienenburg in Germany

Strathspey Camanachd  £2,015.70 towards pitch fees for Matches and Training for 2022

The Grantown Society  £500.00 to make The Grantown Society’s guided heritage walks in and around Grantown more inclusive and accessible (Project subsequently cancelled, pending further development)

Rafford Village Hall   £1,060.00 towards production of Finderne Calendar, cards and posters 2023

Grantown’s Baby & Toddlers Group   £210.00 to purchase waterproof play mats and a set of small soft play items

Round 23 – October 2021

Funding Awarded: £27,846.00 

Leanchoil Trust £11,950.00 to co-ordinate & collect historical ‘assets’ of Leanchoil Hospital for
storytelling, photography, virtual exhibition and electronic storage

Grant Park Bowling Club, Forres £8,400.00 to replace the wooden timbers around the bowling green

Active Schools  £3,432.00 to provide Active Schools Young Leader Programme with training and hoodies

Lucy Evans  £2,500.00 towards training, travel, membership fees & equipment for national and international pistol shooting competitions

Moray Food Plus  £1,564.00 to develop a community pantry in partnership with Forres Area Community Trust

Round 22 – June 2021

Funding Awarded: £79,735.00

Rothes Playpark Refurbishment Group  £25,000.00 to refurbish playpark

Cromdale Village Hall £20,000.00 for refurbishment of village hall

Moray School Bank  £19,050.00 to purchase schoo l uniforms for those in need in BBCF area

Grantown Tennis Club  £7,000.00 for weatherproofing the traditional timber cladding walls and corrugated iron roofs of club buildings

Fiona’s Wholefoods and Refills  £6,000.00 for expansion to reduced packaging convenience shop selling wholefoods and eco-friendly products in Grantown on Spey

Logie Primary School Parent Council  £2,000.00 for restoration of Logie Primary School bus shelter and telephone kiosk

Craigellachie Village Council  £375.00 to purchase two replacement tennis nets

Forres Pre-Kickers  £310.00 to purchase equipment as an introduction to football for pre-school children focussing on balancing and coordination skills

Round 21a – Emergency Covid-19 Funding 2021

Funding Awarded: £1,142.00

The Moray Emergency Relief Fund £500.00 to support people who are in great need during the Covid 19 pandemic

Ability Net £250.00 for local marketing / social media campaign to promote free helpline for disabled and older people and training webinars to inform disabled and older people and those caring for them about topics such as how to stay safe online, how to find support services online

Logie Primary School £392.00 to purchase workbooks for English, spelling and maths to support children’s learning, both at school, and at home

Round 21 – February 2021

Funding Awarded: £39,800.00

Rothes Way Association  £25,000.00 to establish Stage 2 of a multiuse path, from Rothes to Craigellachie, joining the Speyside Way, suitable for walkers, cyclists and less able users, including mobility scooters and adaptive bikes

Forres Skate Park Initiative  £9,000.00 to fund Options Appraisal, Soil and Land Surveys, Feasibility Study for a proposed skate park for Forres area

Grantown Grammar School £3,000.00 for hire of professional costumes and personal microphones for pupils to stage school show.  (Project subsequently cancelled due to pandemic).

Sanquhar Dam Renovation Group  £2,800.00 towards shredding and mulching of non-native invasive species around Sanquhar Dam

Round 20 – October 2020

Funding Awarded: £60,312.85

Dulaig Park Renovation (Grantown Initiative) £19,621.75 to renovate Dulaig Park in Grantown on Spey

Moray Firth Credit Union  £17,160.00 to promote and support the work of Moray Firth Credit Union Ltd by salaries for two part time staff to focus on the effects of the COVID pandemic

Strathspey Camanachd £4,000.00 for match funding towards the employment of a club development officer to promote and develop the sport of shinty

Strathspey Works £3,250.00 towards the installation of a more efficient, cost effective and lower carbon heating system. (Project subsequently cancelled).

Nature 4 Health  £3,000.00 towards funding two “Branching Out” mental health recovery programmes, in Sanquhar Woods Forres and Quarrel Wood, Elgin

Social Enterprise  Academy  £3,000.00 towards providing three fully funded online learning programmes for leaders of community organisations in the fund area, to enable them to lead their organisations through the challenges of the current pandemic. (Project subsequently cancelled due to pandemic).

Grantown Grammar School £2,791.70 to enter into Highland Northern Stars competition. (Project subsequently cancelled due to pandemic).

Barbara Spicer £2,850.00 for the purchase of a hot tub with access/entry steps for the purpose of vital hydrotherapy for disabled daughter as Forres Hydrotherapy pool is closed

Grantown Swim Club £2,000 towards ensuring provision of consistent training, volunteering opportunities and the opportunity for future swimmers to enjoy the club

Forres Footpaths Trust £1,200.00 to create map of all the current walking routes identified and described by Forres Footpaths Trust on their website. The map will then be printed on 3 panels of vandal proof material

Jasmin Robertson £985.00 to purchase of class legal Laser Radial sail plus suitable winter sailing kit

Speyside High School, Aberlour, £454.40 to fund project designed to encourage reading for pleasure in line with the First Minister’s Reading Challenge by providing every second year pupil with a book of their own

Round 19a – Emergency Covid-19 Funding 2020

Funding Awarded: £4,730.00

Moray Food Plus £350.00 to work with Aberlour Community Association and Dyke Landward Community Council to provide food support to vulnerable people within their own communities.

Alzheimer Scotland £500.00 to provide increased the level of support available through 24-hour Freephone Dementia Helpline to help people with dementia and their carers.

Moray Handy Person £250.00 to provide practical assistance to vulnerable people in Moray through a network of volunteers, mainly providing shopping deliveries and making befriending telephone calls.

FACT £500.00 to produce and deliver leaflets with essential information for households, including financial support, health information, contacts for COVID groups, mental health contacts and safety information.

Dyke Landward Community Council £200.00 to provide basic provisions to support families who have lost their means of income until they receive government financial support.

Cromdale & Advie Community Council £400.00 to fund a team of volunteers providing collection and delivery of food prescriptions and offer a support system and befriending service.

T-Exchange, Moray Makerspace £600.00 to provide 3D printed headbands and acetate face shields, focussing initially on the health centres, sheltered housing, care homes and home care services.

Marie Curie £500.00 to provide critical PPE for frontline staff to ensure we can continue to give choice in place of death for those patients that it is safe to do so in their own home.

Quarriers Arrow Service £230.00 to distribute essential food to those isolating/ shielding, suffering food poverty, seeking refuge as well as those coping with the challenges related to drug and alcohol addiction within Moray including the Forres community.

Forres Covid-19 Mutual Aid Network £250.00 to deliver fresh flowers to reach people who: are struggling but it has been difficult to connect with or offer support; are struggling emotionally and/ or are isolated from family and friends; are struggling with their mental health.

Craigellachie Village Council £200.00 for electrical costs to move defibrillator from Craigellachie Hotel (which is locked due to current restrictions) to more accessible location at village hall.

Ability Net £200.00 to provide free helpline for technology advice and information for disabled and older people and free online expert resources including factsheets, webinars and step by step guides.

Forres Area Credit Union £250.00 to provide a ‘face to face’ service so that members on benefits can have access  to their finances allowing saving and withdrawing funds for daily living. Advice and support for completion of forms to access grants for food and essential items during the COVID crisis.

Grantown Primary School Parent Council £300.00 to provide greater access to all-weather outdoor education by purchasing a Coleman Shelter.

Round 19 – June 2020.

Funding Awarded: £61,789.00

Forres Heritage Trust Ltd £20,000.00 to carry out restoration and repair work to the external fabric of the Forres Tolbooth

Moray School Bank £15,000.00 to provide school uniforms for children living in poverty in the BBCF area

Forres Friends of Woods and Fields (Nick Molnar) £11,100.00 to eradicate invasive laurel and rhododendron, creating a new area of attractive woodland in the heart of Forres for public access

Cairngorms Orchestra £5,400.00 to purchase three timpani, (also known as kettledrums), of different sizes and tuned to different pitches

Moray Concert Brass £4,109.00 to buy percussion instruments for the band

The Grantown Society £3,680.00 to purchase of two portable water bowsers and thirty hanging baskets to enhance Grantown on Spey’s community street floral displays

Marie Curie Moray & Strathspey £2,500.00 towards nursing services

Round 18 – February 2020.

Funding Awarded: £91,640.00

Friends of Blairs Loch £20,000.00 for the redevelopment and extension of the stable building at Loch of Blairs into a field study classroom/meeting room

Leanchoil Trust £10,000.00 for Community Impact Assessment and Business Planning

Grant Hall Rothes £10,000.00 to install double glazing units to reduce heat loss and increase the efficiency of heating systems

Grantown Museum & Heritage Trust £10,000.00 to undertake a community led project focused on Strathspey in the late 19th and early 20th centuries

Findhorn Bay Arts £8,000.00 towards the costs of staging the 2020 Findhorn Bay Festival: venue hire, local accommodation for performers/technicians, hire of vintage bus for transport and tours

Wild Things! £7,500.00 towards the purchase of a new minibus with disabled accessibility features

Grantown YMCA £6,000.00 towards the installation of a fire alarm system in the building which is compliant with current fire regulations

Forres & District Mens Shed £5,000.00 towards the purchase and installation of a dust extraction system in their workshop

Friendly Access £5,000.00 to provide SwimABLE and SurfABLE Scotland sessions

Forres & District Pipe Band £3,840.00 to meet the costs of fees for tuition on the Pipes and Drums

Strathspey Camanachd £2,000.00 towards funding for ongoing pitch letting costs for matches and training in the 2020 season

Lucy Evans £1,500.00 to purchase of air pistol to progress shooting performance

Grantown Grammar Northern Stars £1,400.00 towards entry fees into a national competition and t-shirts for participants. (Project subsequently cancelled due to pandemic).

Edinkillie Community Association £1,400.00 towards running costs of the hall (namely, electricity and insurance) for the period of 12 months

Round 17 – October 2019. 

Funding Awarded: £41,462.00

Craigellachie Village Council £15,000.00 to build an extension onto the village hall in order to provide improved disabled facilities and offer increased storage capacity

Grantown Grammar School £7,000.00 to purchase and install a kiln for the Art department

Step by Step in Moray £6,250.00 to provide continued support for isolated and vulnerable Forres parents with children aged 0 – 3 years old

Knockando Athletics Group £5,002.00 to install outdoor fitness equipment, suitable for all ages and abilities and free to use at any time

Moray Baby Bank £5,000.00 to purchase a washing machine, tumble drier, mattresses, car seats, and for rent and operating costs

Kinloss Military Wives Choir £2,210.00 to replace the choir’s broken keyboard and inadequate microphones

Emma and Ashley Donald £1,000.00 to assist with the cost of extra badminton coaching and competitions

Round 16 – June 2019. 

Funding Awarded: £73,557.00 

16-04 Moray School Bank £15,000.00 to provide school uniforms for children living in poverty in the BBCF area

First Forres Scout Group £15,000.00 to purchase a new minibus

Findhorn Tennis Club £8,000.00 to replace the green, PVC coated, wire fencing around the tennis club on 3 sides plus two dividing fences

Grantown Tennis Club £8,000.00 to replace all 8 courts with new court lines and clay court dressing

Forres Area Community Trust £7,500.00 to fund Forres Online Digital Inclusion Project

St Laurence Parish Church £5,000.00 to support the maintenance costs of St. Laurence Church building

Moray Hydrotherapy Pool £3,684.00 to refurbish the hydrotherapy pool

Residents of the Old Station, Dava £3,000.00 to bring The Old Station, Dava joint water supply up to suitable grade to pass health standards

The Dava Way Association £2,840 to replace a tipping trailer to maintain and upgrade the footpath and cycleway

Moray Fresh Start £2,033.00 to provide starter packs for previously homeless individuals or families moving into BBCF area

Rothes Golf Club £2,000.00 for Junior Coaching Programme

1st Forres Guides and Forres Rangers £1,500.00 to help fund travel to participate in Scout & Guide expedition in Switzerland

Round 15 – February 2019. 

Amount Awarded: £39,605.50

Forres Community Council  £20,000.00 for a feasibility study of the uses for Leanchoil Hospital, Forres

Grantown YM Community Centre  £7,712.00 for assistance to continue to employ a community centre co-ordinator

Rafford Village Hall  £6,000.00 to create disabled parking and an access path and to resurface the car park

Grantown Try Tri  £2,200.00 to fund the development of a website and link to a 3rd party booking agency for the Grantown Try Tri held annually

The Grantown Society £1,954.60 to help facilitate the 2019 Fiddler of Strathspey Festival, specifically to fund the provision of a marquee for the event

Strathspey Camanachd £1,048.90 to help with funding for ongoing pitch letting costs for the 2019 season

Cairngorm Studios £690.00 to assist The Pagoda in Grantown to take part in the National Puppet Animation Festival, staging performances for children

Round 14 – October 2018.

Amount awarded: £60,624.00

ReBOOT (Moray Computer Recycling) £12,650.00 to purchase premises & equipment for creative upcycling and plastic recycling research        

Dyke & Edinkillie Parish Church £10,000.00 towards the cost of phase 2 of Dyke Church Access for the Future Project, providing disability-compliant and improved facilities in Dyke Church Hall

Coyote Initiatives CIC £7,216.00 to purchase equipment for outdoor based creative projects using music, sound and film

Speyside Community Car Sharing Scheme £6,000.00 to enable the continuation of providing an affordable, on request volunteer transport service

Sanquhar Dam Renovation Group £5,500.00 to continue works around the dam, to maintain and make the facility more accessible

Findhorn Village Conservation Company £5,000.00 towards the construction of an accessible path along the village side of Findhorn Bay

Friendly Access £4,880.00 to provide SwimABLE and SurfABLE sessions for children who have barriers to mainstream sessions and/or barriers to being active

Forres Bowling Club £3,500.00 towards the purchase of a new mower

Brogan Hall £2,878.00 for the purchase of an adapted trike to enable greater mobility and interaction with the community

Rothes Tennis Club £1,500.00 for electrical improvements to the clubhouse

Caitlin Moir £1500.00 towards travel and training costs to compete as part of Team GB at the World Taekwondo Championships in Taiwan

ROUND 13 – June 2018. 

Amount awarded: £62,072.00

Friends of the Falconer Museum £12,933.00 to support a community archaeological excavation on Cluny Hill, Forres

Forres Area Credit Union £10,800.00 to employ a Schools Savings Scheme Development Worker to extend the Schools Savings Project

Moray Inshore Rescue Organisation £10,000.00 towards the cost of replacing the current life-saving rescue boat

Moray School Bank £9,750.00 to provide school uniforms for children living in poverty in the Berry Burn Community Fund area

Forres & District Pipe Band £7,500.00 to provide uniforms for the newly formed Forres & District Youth Band

Speyside Paddlers £2,000.00 towards the purchase of kayaks, equipment and trailer

Edinkillie Community Hall £5,600.00 to replace 2 wooden fire escape doors with UPVC doors

Forres in Bloom £1,810.00 to provide fencing for security and shelter at Victoria Road nursery and garden area

Willow Tree Allotments Association £700.00 towards pre-development planning and legal costs in development of an allotments site in Grantown

Duffus Spynie & Hopeman Church of Scotland £979.00 to purchase two wheelchair accessible picnic benches for Spynie Kirk carpark

ROUND 12 – February 2018. 

Amount awarded: £52,882.50

Strathspey Thistle Football Club £10,000 towards the replacement of a mower to maintain the pitch and grounds to SFA standards

Moray Hydrotherapy Pool £8,585 to convert an unused space into an additional disabled changing room

Forres Area Community Trust £7,720 to employ an Older Person’s Co-ordinator to support Cameron’s Champions Befriending Project

Forres Thistle Football Club £7,500 towards the refurbishment of shower areas in the dressing rooms

Wild Things! £8,820 towards the purchase of a 4WD vehicle for transporting the children, young people and vulnerable adults participating in their courses into natural environments

Forres Youth and Families Outreach £4,000 to continue funding the outreach programme

The Dava Way Association £3,420.00 to purchase a wood chipper for the ongoing maintenance of the Dava Way

Moravian Orienteering Club £3,000 towards the replacement of electronic orienteering equipment

Rothes Community Ltd £1,840.00 for the repairs to the Rothes Visitor Centre

Grantown & District Twinning Association £1,290 for local transportation of visiting French delegates

St Laurence Church Congregational Board £568.50 to document and print the history of the St Laurence Church site in Forres

Nairn Synchronised Swimming Club £500 towards funding of a training weekend with coaching by an ex-GB international synchro swimmer

The T-Exchange £300 toward the purchase of equipment for plastics recycling project in Forres

ROUND 11 – October 2017.

Amount awarded: £56,691

Ray’s Opportunities  £13,992 to provide training and support for people with physical/hidden/learning difficulties

Grantown Playgroup  £8,820 to provide challenging and imaginative play equipment to aid learning through play

Findhorn Bay Arts  £7,500 to assist with costs of festival in 2018

Riding for the Disabled Forres  £7,134 to provide ponies and RDA instructors for therapeutic riding lessons

Kinloss Crafty Cool Kids Club  £6,000 to improve and develop suitable child care facility

Varis Circus Clan  £5,000 to purchase equipment, rehearsal space and teachers

Strathspey Camanachd  £4,920 to purchase goals and nets, and help with costs of pitch and changing room hire

Forres Christmas Lights  £3,325 for maintaining and erecting Forres Christmas lights and Christmas tree

ROUND 10 – June 2017.

Amount awarded: £64,880

Edinkillie Community Association  £11,671 to carry out repairs to Edinkillie village hall

Dyke Parish Church  £10,000 to provide safe and accessible path between church, village hall and school

Forres Features  £10,000 towards the costs of running Colours of Cluny, lights and music event in 2017

Forres Community Woodland Trust  £6,840 to continue programme of removal of non-native invasive plants

Sanquhar Dam Renovation Group  £5520 for the renovation of banking, paths, revetments and new access paths

Moray Hydrotherapy Pool  £5240 to replace lockers and filter pump plus water testing costs

Forres Golf Course  £5,000 for refurbishment of greenkeepers’ shed

Earth for Life  £5,000 for staffing and development costs of an Ecotherapy programme

Forres Harriers  £3,000 to assist with costs of staging British Masters Cross Country Championships in March 2018

Forres Highland Games  £2109 to purchase transparent wall and roof panels to enhance the stage marquee

Michael Crutch  £500 for provision of signs at Lochindorb for wildlife protection

ROUND 9 – February 2017.

Amount awarded: £67,600

Grantown Museum & Heritage Trust £10,000 to stage art exhibition (July to October 2017)

Grantown Grammar School (Extramural Activites) £7,200 to purchase trailer and canoes

Alves Village Hall £15,000 to carry out upgrade on toilet/kitchen facilities in hall

Knockando Woolmill £22,750 for 2 new textile machines

Forres Area Soccer 7s £4000 for trip to twinning town Vienenburg

Forres Youth and Families Outreach £4,000 to continue funding outreach programme

Team Munro Harris £2,700 , to contribute to the costs of high-level competition in yachting

Dava Way Association £800 to purchase equipment for path improvements

Findhorn & Kinloss Community Council £650 to buy a defibrillator

ROUND 8 – October 2016.

Amount awarded: £82,153

Forres Mechanics Football Club £23,000 for work to improve pitch drainage

Edinkillie Community Hall £1,500 for a survey of the building

Grantown Grammar School £3,285 to purchase a printing press for art projects, for school and community use

Ray’s Opportunities £12,715 to fund support and training offered to young people

Logie Primary Parent Council £18,446 for play equipment

Findhorn Bay Nature Reserve £1,500 to fund information boards

the meeting place £11,542 towards a young people’s project in Grantown-on-Spey

Forres in Bloom £2,362 towards a trailer and trolleys

Forres Rotary Club £1,407 to help towards the annual fireworks display

Sanquhar Dam Renovation Group £3,996 towards environmental improvements

Inverness Orienteering Club £2,400 to produce a digital map of the Anagach Woods in Grantown-on-Spey

ROUND 7 – June 2016.

Amount awarded: £18,903

Moray Hydrotherapy Pool £3,000, for improvements to the pool

Forres Community Clean Up £1,541, to encourage litter picking projects

Team Munro Harris £1,000 , to contribute to the costs of high-level competition in yachting

Emma and Ashley Donald £760, to contribute to the travel and competition costs of two local badminton players

Forres Thistle Football Club £1,500, to buy a storage unit

Creative Visions Moray £2,500, to help fund a film about Forres

Forres Small Bore Rifle and Pistol Club £550, to improve the exterior of the range

Forres Area Community Trust (FACT) £3,250, to help develop Forres Online

Finderne Community Council £132, to fund hall rental for the newly-reformed group

Moray Firth Triathlon Club £750, to help fund a triathlon event

Grant House Care Home, Grantown on Spey £900, to pay for plants and flowers

Findhorn, Nairn and Lossie Fisheries Trust £2,500, to help fund outreach work to primary schools

Grantown Twinning Association £520, to help with transport costs to France

ROUND 6 – February 2016.

Amount awarded: £62,257

Forres St Lawrence Cricket Club £5,000 for the refurbishment of the pavilion

Findhorn Village Heritage Centre £3,250 for improvements to the building

Oliver Clark £1,000 towards the purchase of a professional-standard ‘cello

Forres Features £10,000 towards a light display on Cluny Hill (plus up to £7,500 shortfall guarantee)

Forres Golf Club £500 towards new flooring

St Leonard’s Church, Forres £4,000 to fund an outreach project

Grantown Grammar £1,000 to participate in the Rock Challenge

Kyle Cartmell £1,000 to support participation in cycling competitions

Moravian Orienteering Club £270 to finance an orienteering event

Findhorn, Nairn and Lossie Fisheries Trust £1,100 to help tackle invasive species

Grantown Nursery £7,000 to purchase playground equipment

Forres in Bloom £961 to purchase greenhouse equipment

Forres Golf Course £1,885 to help complete a fencing project

Findhorn Bay Arts £7,791 to support the Findhorn Bay Festival 2016

Grantown YMCA £10,000 to fund a youth worker

ROUND 5 – November 2015.

Amount awarded: £54,170

Findhorn and Kinloss Community Council £1,258 to improve a local, unadopted road

Anderson’s Primary Parent Council £9,000 (subject to match funding) to purchase a climbing boulder

Forres and District Pipe Band £3,062 to help pay for their rehearsal space

Findhorn Flyers £500 to help fund a fitness instructor and room rental

Findhorn Bowling Club £1,500 to help improve the state of their green

the meeting place £15,000 (subject to match funding) to help finance a project for adults with learning difficulties

Forres House Community Centre £1,350 to purchase a new spin cycle

Forres Rotary Club £2,500 to help refurbish Santa’s sleigh and purchase safety equipment

Cromdale Hall £20,000 (subject to match funding) to help fit a new roof

ROUND 4 – September 2015.

Amount awarded: £35,300

Moray Youth GB Atlantic Challenge Team £5,625 to help fund participation in the Atlantic Challenge 2016

Noah’s Ark Developmental Playgroup £3,775 to pay for new tricycles and bicycles

Grantown Tennis Club £10,000 to pay for new windows

Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team £5,000 to support the purchase of new equipment

The DAVA Project £500 to help promote our local railway heritage

Forres Area Credit Union £5,400 to pay for a School Savings co-ordinator

Friends of Falconer Museum £5,000 to help finance science workshops

ROUND 3 – June 2015.

Amount awarded: £31,761

Rafford Village Hall  £3,429 to help restore a stained glass window

PACE Youth Street Band £1,876 to fund a mentoring programme and to pay for new instruments

Findhorn Art Group £1,000 to finance art classes

Forres Air Cadets £1,500 to fund the purchase of laptops

Kinloss Abbey Trust £2,000 (subject to the applicant’s own fundraising) towards a conservation feasibility study

Dava Moor Residents’ Association £600 towards scoping for a reliable water supply

Grantown Festive Lights £8,000 towards improving the town Christmas lights

Moray Firth Triathlon Club £600 to help stage a novice triathlon event

Edinkillie Community Hall  £8,288 for new windows

Grantown Swim Club £1,200 to pay for land training

Findhorn Bowling Club £869 to buy equipment

Findhorn, Nairn and Lossie Fisheries Trust £2,399 to help stage a river festival

The Eileidh Paterson Appeal Fund a £500 ex gratia payment

ROUND 2 – March 2015.

Amount awarded: £91,495

Findhorn and Kinloss Community Council £980 towards improvements to a local footpath

Grantown 250 £11,400 to construct a Regality Cross to mark the town’s 250th anniversary

Grantown Playgroup £5,115 for the replacement of doors and windows

Heather Anderson £500 to help fund a year-long placement in South Africa

Dallas Community Development Trust £18,000 to fund a new playground

Forres Events Ltd £20,000 towards the staging of the European Pipe Band Championships

The Moray Way £3,000 to support the marketing of the Moray Way Association

Forres Christmas Lights £8,000 to improve the town’s Christmas lights

Forres in Bloom £3,500 to help purchase tools and to erect a greenhouse

Forres Golf Course £21,000 to replace and renew perimeter fencing

ROUND 1 – December 2014.

Amount awarded: £80,627

Forres Academy Parent Council £10,000 for the purchase of lockers and PE equipment

Forres and District Pipe Band £1,470 for the rental of a rehearsal hall

Forres Area Credit Union £17,160 to fund an office co-ordinator

Forres Bluefins £1,900 to help fund a swimming gala

Forres Harriers £4,490 to fund floodlights and sports equipment

Forres in Bloom £12,526 to fund a new greenhouse

Forres Squash and Fitness Club £10,000 to help repair the roof

The Grantown Health Centre Equipment Fund £1,000 towards an emergency defibrillator

Moray Hydrotherapy Pool £2,486 for improvements to the changing area

Moray Inshore Rescue Organisation £1,000 to replace safety helmets and lifejackets

Moray Waste Busters £4,390 to build a two-storey bicycle store

Moxie Media £900 to fund an accredited mental health course

Rotary Club of Forres £448 to provide a day out for 50 elderly people

Forres and District Twinning Association £4,500 to help finance exchange trips with Forres’ twin town in Germany

Strathspey Camanachd £3,357 to pay for shinty kit, coaching and pitch costs

Wild things! £5,000 towards a community project tackling non-native species