Frequently asked questions

How and when was the Berry Burn Community Fund formed?

In 2013 Statkraft, owners of the Berry Burn wind farm, engaged public relations firm Quatro to hold a series of workshops in the designated zoned area to gauge the opinions of local residents and to begin to work out how the proposed Fund should be administered. The dates and locations of these workshops were advertised in the local press across the area.

There were two meetings at each of the venues and Quatro subsequently invited all those who attended to apply to become Trustees. This was in December 2013. From those that responded, Statkraft and Quatro selected ten who provided, in their view, an overall balance of experience and commitment from across the area. They were invited to an inaugural meeting in April 2014.

At the following meeting, in May 2014, a Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer were selected. Initially it became their responsibility, together with a Quatro representative, to hold meetings with legal and financial advisers on

  1. the nature of the legal status of the proposed Fund
  2. its Constitution
  3. its application procedures

Over a series of meetings, the proposed Fund Members discussed and finalised these details and, together with Statkraft, were able to sign off the Constitution on 29 August 2014. This allowed the Berry Burn Community Fund to be formally launched and to invite applications for funding from within the agreed zoned area.

The role of the Fund Members is set out in the Constitution.

How often does the Berry Burn Community Fund make awards?

Funding rounds take place three times a year. Here’s the timetable for forthcoming rounds.

If you would like to be reminded of when an application round has opened, please send us your contact details via

Our administrator will then send you a reminder email six weeks before the next closing date.

Who can apply?

Applications are open to members of clubs, societies or groups operating within the relevant zones and looking for financial support.   Applications from individuals will also be considered, provided that those applications demonstrate a clear benefit to the wider community.

Assistance can be offered to small local businesses, for capital equipment or to business start-ups which focus on environmental, educational, health, welfare or community improvements and outdoor activities.

How do I apply?

Any organisation wanting to apply for funding will need to submit an application form, along with the documentation requested on the form (a copy of their complete and independently-examined accounts, including a balance sheet, for the past two years, three competitive quotes and a copy of the organisation’s Constitution).   All paperwork must be submitted by email to

What happens if I cannot submit some of the paperwork you ask for?

If you cannot, for any reason, submit the paperwork we ask for, please use the application form or a covering letter to explain why this is not possible. If your application is rejected because it is incomplete, we will let you know and you will be welcome to reapply in a later round

How much money is available in each funding round?

Approximately £186,000 is available each year, and this is divided approximately, but not exactly, between the three awards rounds

Who makes the funding decisions?

There are currently eleven members of the Berry Burn Community Fund, all unpaid and based within the Fund zone. They share a commitment to improving community life within our area. Vacancies for Fund members occasionally arise, and will be advertised on this website and in the local press.  Who are the Fund Members

How do the Fund members make their decisions?

Applications are judged fairly and equally, based on the information supplied on the form and the accompanying documentation. A Fund member is appointed, after the closing date, to review and report on each application and will ask the applicant for any extra background information, should they need it.

Can I reapply if I am not successful first time round?

Any applicant rejected for funding is welcome to reapply at a later date, unless previously advised by the Administrator that they do not meet the criteria for funding

Will you let me know why my application was unsuccessful?

The Fund is not obliged to advise unsuccessful applicants of the reason behind the rejection of their application. If, however, the reason for rejection was a failure to include the necessary supporting documentation, this may well be highlighted in the rejection email