How to apply

The Berry Burn Community Fund invites applications for funding three times a year. The dates for forthcoming rounds and the associated award meetings, at which Fund Members assess the applications received, are listed here.

Applications are invited from members of clubs, societies or groups operating within the relevant zones and looking for financial support. Please check the zone map to check your eligibility. Applications from individuals will also be considered, provided that those applications demonstrate a clear benefit to the wider community.  Assistance can be offered to small local businesses, for capital equipment or to business start-ups which focus on environmental, educational, health, welfare or community improvements and outdoor activities.

Applications are reviewed by Fund Members strictly in accordance with the General Conditions set out on the Application Form, so it is important to read those Conditions carefully before applying and to submit all the information required. If for some reason it is not possible to provide all the requested documentation, the applicant must explain that reason.

The receipt of all applications will be acknowledged by email. After the closing date has passed, each application will be dealt with by an individual Fund Representative (one of the members of the Fund) who will look at it in detail and contact the applicant if they require further background information or clarification on any point. A decision on each application will then be made at the award meeting, and the applicant will be notified by email of the result within fourteen days of that meeting.

Successful applicants will then receive a Grant Agreement, a copy of which is also on this website.  Funding will normally be released on completion of a project.

An advance of up to 75% of the agreed funding is available by special request and an explanation of why this is needed.

The Fund will enter into no further correspondence after the rejection of an application, and there is no obligation on the Fund members to explain the reasons behind a rejection. Some guidance, however, may be offered to those applicants who were rejected because they failed to apply in the correct manner. Unsuccessful applicants will generally be welcome to reapply in subsequent rounds, although there is no guarantee that the Fund members will look more favourably on a revised application.

There is a finite sum of money available and the Fund may not be able to support, in whole or in part, every request which it might wish to help.

For other local funding opportunities please see The Moray Funders Forum