Forres Pre-Kickers

Forres Pre Kickers is a toddler football class run on Saturday mornings. We have two classes of 15 currently, with a waiting list in operation. The funding from Berry Burn has allowed us to expand our exercises and make use of different types of equipment on a week to week basis. The classes are aimed at being fun, building confidence in group situations, and introducing the basics of football.

Forres Skate Park Initiative

Forres Skate Park Initiative (FSPI) with the funding from Berry Burn has been able to move this project to the next level with a complete Feasibility and Option Appraisal. Having this report will help with future funding as the costs are around £250,000 to build the park.

Nature 4 Health

Nature 4 Health delivered two Branching Out programmes (a half day for 12 weeks each) successfully in Elgin and Forres woodlands. 23 participants engaged with each other, nature and themselves to increase resilience and improve holistic wellbeing as well as equip them with tools to help them on their life journey. Feedback was excellent and many new ways of being and doing were signposted to give them an idea of where they may wish to progress.

Speyside High School

Speyside High School aimed to encourage reading for pleasure among S2 pupils, choosing fiction that made a connection with our rural community, or introduced pupils to contemporary Scottish teenage literature.  Funding enabled the school to gift a book to every S2 pupil, who read either Run Wild by Gill Lewis, Sky Hawk also by Gill Lewis, or Evernight by Ross Mackenzie.

Pupils’ book responses clearly demonstrated how characters and themes captured their imaginations. Learning during a pandemic has prompted us to consider digital books in future, and online resources that pupils can use to explore the topics featured in stories.

One of the English teachers was talking to a pupil who said ‘You know Miss I don’t like reading and I’ve never finished a book before but that book we got for Christmas I enjoyed it so much I read it to the end and I’ve been looking for more books to read’

That’s what we call making a difference! 

Moray School Bank

The funding has meant that we have been able to manage another huge increase in referrals due to COVID-19 that were again much higher than actually anticipated.  It meant that we were able to successfully support 130 young people with full school uniform and warm winter clothing, allowing them the opportunity to return to school, smart, confident and ready to learn. Due to the rising number of referrals we were really grateful to have been supported by Berry Burn Community Fund, it has been invaluable and we couldn’t have supported all the referrals without it.

Jasmin Robertson

Sailing has been a big part of Jasmin’s life for the last five years. She has competed across the country and has been proud to represent Scotland at National and International events with a highlight being finishing 3rd girl at the UK Topper Nationals in 2019.

2020 events started well for Jasmin but unfortunately the Covid pandemic disrupted all plans; Jasmin remains determined to continue competing and developing in her sailing journey.

Thank you to the Berry Burn Community Fund for their support.

Sanquhar Dam Renovation Group

The Sanquhar Dam Restoration Group could not have achieved the improvements to the site without the generous support of Berry Burn Community fund. Our aim has always been to enhance the area for the benefit and enjoyment of the community, while improving the natural habitat that exists around Sanquhar Pond.

Wild Things!

Wild Things is an award-winning Scottish charity that tackles educational, social and economic disadvantages by building connections between vulnerable people and natural habitats across North Scotland. Through nature-based activities, the charity works with care homes and carers, vulnerable teenagers and primary school pupils, bringing different generations together to enjoy and protect their local natural heritage. In creating a connection between hard-to-reach demographics and the natural world, Wild Things is also able to address key issues such as loneliness, isolation and immobility, improving the overall health and wellbeing of rural Scottish communities.

Step by Step in Moray

The Trustees, staff and volunteers of Step by Step in Moray are extremely grateful for the generous grant received from the Berry Burn Community Fund.  The grant funded 50% of our Forres services and enabled staff and volunteers to support 59 families, helping parents form strong, nurturing relationships with their babies and toddlers. In particular, Step by Step adapted its services in response to Covid-19 to support our Forres-area families by way of outdoor and online activities, increased referrals and applications to other relevant organisations and the sourcing and distribution of essential items.     

On behalf of our families – THANK YOU

Forres Footpaths Trust

The information displays on the Forres Footpaths Trusts plinths around Forres were vandalised or non-existent.  This project has seen them replaced with up to date, clear mapping displayed on vandal proof material. This enables both visitors and local people to see the large variety of walking opportunities that exist in and around our beautiful town and would not have been possible without the financial assistance from the Berry Burn Community Fund.