Barbara Spicer

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Maria was unable to access the local hydrotherapy pool in Forres during 2020. Thanks to the Berry Burn Community Fund, who funded a hot tub, Maria will be able to access the regular hydrotherapy that she needs. Maria has an ultra-rare genetic condition which has caused juvenile arthritis and autism, among other disabilities. The therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy will be both physical and emotional.

Grantown Grammar School

With the generous support of the BBCF, our new kiln has been purchased.  It will allow future generations of pupils and our local community art group the chance to explore the creative possibilities of ceramics.  The new kiln will allow more sophisticated glazing techniques and more efficient firing schedules, reducing our carbon footprint.

Pupils and adult learners really benefit from working in the ancient art of ceramics – people of all abilities respond well to the tactile qualities of clay and enjoy making artistic objects that are beautiful to look at as well as functional designs for the home.

Forres Friends of Woods and Fields (Nick Molnar)

The BBCF grant was very much welcomed by Forres Friends of Woods and Fields and was a great encouragement to a newly founded charity. Initially the neglected state of the woodland we had acquired seemed overwhelming and our first attempt at clearing it with volunteers made a tiny inroad. Now, however, we can “see the woods for the trees” and can begin to look forward positively to the development of our community woodland.

Forres Heritage Trust Ltd

The funding awarded by the Berry Burn Community Fund to the Forres Heritage Trust has been instrumental in allowing the Trust to carry out essential maintenance work on the Forres Clock Tower and help fulfil the second stage in a three stage process which will make it possible for local people and visitors to ascend to this excellent viewpoint and survey the town from a new and most interesting angle. It is hoped that this attraction will help increase footfall on the Forres High Street.

Grantown YMCA

Thanks to funding received from Berry Burn, Grantown YMCA Community Centre now has a fully functioning state of the art fire alarm system.  This gives all user groups of our facility real peace of mind for their safety and wellbeing.  We can now operate with full confidence in our fire safety.

Moray Baby Bank

The Trustees and volunteers of Moray Baby Bank are very grateful for the generous grant received from Berry Burn.  With it we have bought a washing machine, tumble drier, several cot and pram mattresses, paid the monthly rent on our shop and storage container, paid for public liability insurance and various other small items required to operate the charity.  Having the grant money has enabled us to help 260 families throughout Moray who would otherwise really struggle to provide essentials for their babies.

Thank you very much.

Marie Curie Moray & Strathspey

Thank you Berry Burn Community Fund for your donation of £2,500 towards our hands-on nursing service in that community. Our nurses are there to care for a patient at the end of their life, a time when both patient & family need to be cared for, supported and prepared for what lies ahead. Your financial support is hugely appreciated by all at Marie Curie at this time especially, making sure that terminally ill patients can remain at home surrounded by their loved ones.  

The T-Exchange

The T-Exchange is grateful to the Berry Burn Community Fund for their support in helping our members with a hands-on project in which valuable experience was gained in the technologies required for recycling waste plastics for 3D printing.

The T-Exchange Filastruder