Grant Park Bowling Club

The restoration of the bowling green edges at the Grant Park Bowling Club will now ensure that the club can continue welcoming both young and old alike for many years to come with the club celebrating its 100-year centenary in 2024 along with the town of Forres. This is a great step forward and is a good legacy for both the members of the club and BBCF that has enabled this to happen.

Strathspey Camanachd

The Berry Burn Community Fund has been integral to the smooth running of our club for many years. With their support we are able to take out many of the financial barriers that stop people supporting or taking up the sport.

Our numbers have increased, and we see a big uptake from both juniors and adults in the local community getting involved as both players, volunteers and coaches.

Thank you so much for all your support.

Grantown Swim Club

Grantown Swim Club, with the aid of Berry Burn funding Community Fund, delivered a return to the water specific swim programme aimed at children who were at the stage of needing to swim more distance and improve skills in order to be able to be at a standard to trial for Swim Club.  This was a catch up programme to help make up for the lack of swimming available due to Covid 19.  This resulted in 12 children being able to trial for Swim Club.

Logie Primary School Parent Council

The phone box and bus shelter at Logie Primary’s gate had fallen into disrepair and were an eyesore. The funding from the Berry Burn Community Fund allowed the school to refurbish both, improving their appearance and making them usable again. The phone box, lit by solar power, will become an art gallery for the children’s work. The bus shelter is now once again a meeting place and focal point for parents gathering at the school gate.  The school is proud and pleased to have been able to restore two points of Dunphail local heritage for the community it serves.

Fiona’s Wholefoods & Refills

I am absolutely delighted to have opened the newly renovated Fiona’s Wholefoods and Refills in the YM Community Centre in Grantown-on-Spey in September. I am passionate about enabling local people and visitors to access a wide selection of eco-friendly and ethical product with zero or reduced packaging within the town and local area. Moreover, I am pleased to have created two job opportunities and look forward to increasing employment. I now move onto phase two of my plans which are both community and Business-to-Business focussed.

Grantown Museum & Heritage Trust

With funding support from the Berry Burn Community Fund, Grantown Museum was able to undertake learning and research that uncovered new stories and deepened the community’s understanding of our rich heritage.

 We shared this in a meaningful and effective way.  Two, high quality exhibitions about Strathspey history with associated publications were created at a time when giving a cultural experience to our community was crucial in enhancing people’s wellbeing.

 We produced a series of podcasts that will enable people to continue to engage with aspects of Strathspey heritage in the future.

Friends of Blairs Loch

With support of the BBCF, the Friends of Blairs Loch (SCIO) have created a wonderful venue in a woodland, loch side, setting that can be used by schools and special interest groups for educational, recreational and well-being activities. Just a few miles south of Forres, on the Altyre Estate, the Boathouse, Bothy & Stable facility is an important new addition to the paths, bird hides and picnic areas at Loch of Blairs that are popular with the local community.

Moray Firth Credit Union Ltd

We are very grateful for the Berry Burn grant to appoint two part time staff to manage the Savings and Loans Co-op.  Recruiting, training and supporting new volunteers was needed to replace those that had retired at the onset of the ‘lockdown’ in March 2020.  Marketing, telling and finance small teams have now been set up.  The Virtual online system was required and with the introduction of our card payment and Equifax credit scoring facility this resulted in greater efficiency and confidence in our lending.  This has also been a beneficial way of supporting members to better manage their money.

Craigellachie Village Council

Work on an ambitious project to improve disabled facilities for the community, as well as providing increased storage capacity, recently started at Craigellachie Village Hall.  The new extension will allow not only existing and new groups to meet, but will also allow the village hall to be used by more than one user group at the same time.  The increased floor area and space will benefit many more people within our community and also provide for a more inclusive experience for disabled people and those with mobility issues.