The Berry Burn Community Fund

The owners of the Berry Burn wind farm, Statkraft UK, have agreed to transfer a sum of £174,000.00 (RPI adjusted) each year for the next 25 years to be used for the benefit of the community within the defined area (see map). It is administered by the Berry Burn Community Fund.


At present the Community Fund has three funding rounds per year.

Full details of the Fund’s Objectives and Powers are set out in the Constitution, which can be seen on this website. Successful applicants will be required to sign a Grant Agreement, a copy of which is also on this website, before funds are released.

The Berry Burn Community Fund invites organisations or individuals to apply for grants that meet its community aims and satisfy the General Conditions set out on the Application Form.

All communications, as far as possible, are to be via email. Supporting data should ideally be in Microsoft Word. All emails are to be directed to

The closing dates for forthcoming rounds are shown below, along with the date of each related Award meeting. To be fair and consistent to all applicants, the Fund Members will review the applications strictly in accordance with the General Conditions set out on the Application Form.

If you submit your application as early as possible, and certainly no later than seven days before the closing date, the Fund Administrator will check it to ensure that all the information requested has been included. If anything has been omitted, the Administrator will contact you by email.  After the closing date no more data will be accepted. Should any items be missing, the application will automatically be declined.

In the period following the closing date the Administrator and/or a Fund Representative may seek clarification on any data submitted but will not accept additional data.

Notification of results will be emailed to all applicants within fourteen days of the Award meeting.

In the case of unsuccessful applications, there may be an explanation of the Fund Members’ decision. Applications may be rejected because of a lack of data,  because of the unsuitability of the project relative to the Fund’s Objectives and Powers or because of a limit to the overall sum of money available for distribution in that particular round. Depending on the reason for rejection, the applicant may be encouraged to submit a fresh application in a later round.

The decision of the Berry Burn Community Fund is final and we will not enter into correspondence other than that set out above.

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